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Responding, Rather Than Reaction, To The Obstacles In Life

"Health, happiness and success depend upon the fighting spirit of each person. The big thing is not what happens to us in life - but what we do about what happens to us."

-- George Allen

Life happens. Good things happen and bad things happen. They happen to everyone and seemingly in a totally random set of events and circumstances. We can argue about why these things happen and what causes certain events to take place but the fact

remains... We can choose to react to life. Or we can choose to respond to life.

When you react you do so from a primitive mindset of self preservation and it usually translates to something negative. We think thoughts like "OF COURSE this HAD to happen to me."

When you respond to life, you can be more proactive. You can look at even the most negative event and search for the hidden opportunity. You can remind yourself that most successful people found success out of problems and struggles. Maybe this moment is


When things don't go to plan today, remember this and immediately hunt for that opportunity. Sometimes we need a boost to help us take that leap. You can try working with a therapist, a life coach or talking with a friend, family member, or spiritual leader. Working with a therapist or a coach are healthy ways to work through mental blocks so that you can change your negative outlook and have a more positive mindset. Your mental health is key is your journey. Life happens and it is up to you to be prepared for what life gives you so that you can overcome whatever life throws your way. If you need help contact a local mental health therapist in your area today.

The key here is to just do it!

Here's to your success!

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