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Amber Martin, MA, ALC

Everyone experiences emotional pain that comes by virtue of living life. We all face transitions, are met with difficulties, or experience stressors that bring frustration, hurt, and uncertainty. As a therapist, my role is to support you in identifying ways to use your strengths during seasons of difficulty and utilize the resources you have to find unique and tailored solutions that align with your values. I will also provide perspective through situations that may present a level of uncertainty with a strong belief that every person has purpose, passion, and potential awaiting discovery. 

I have a passion and unique skillset for seeing individuals within their life systems (i.e., family, career, school, church, community, etc.) and utilizing a contextual and systems perspective to honor the intersections of identity a person navigates every day. I have a strong desire to work with individuals, couples, and families within marginalized communities who have dealt with trauma/PTSD, complicated grief, anxiety, depression, relational issues/dysfunction, anger and/or pain management, and adjustment issues. I work collaboratively with my clients to assist them in exploring thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about behaviors while building towards sustainable change in areas the client has identified needed change. My motto is “Being well within is how you WIN”.

Previously, I worked in a community counseling clinic where I spent a significant amount of time engaging in research, service, and training activities that have prepared me to provide culturally responsive, effective, and impactful services by approaching each client with the care and humility they deserve. I believe in honoring the emotional vulnerability of each client by fostering a space of safety and connection.

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