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Life Coaching

Interested in Coaching Services?

You can work with a We SAGE Health and Wellness Coach in a one-on-one relationship to improve your life, health, vitality, and overall well-being by overcoming limiting beliefs and engaging in behaviors that have been proven to improve health and overall wellness. Common coaching goals include work-life balance, healthy lifestyle, improved sleep, stress management, lifestyle change, stress management, pain reduction, general vitality, performance enhancement and emotional wellbeing.


Most people with these conditions have good intentions, a desire to change and even make earnest attempts. Often the reason they are unsuccessful is a lack of knowledge, skills, capacities, processes, tools, mindsets, and support that lead to the healthy, happy, and joyful lives they want. Through the coaching relationship you will develop these capacities, overcome the resistance to change and make consistent and sustainable progress toward your greatest potential!

Our clients are smart, successful people who have a desire to feel good, perform well and live a healthy and meaningful life. Our clients have a good idea of what they should be doing but they have not figured out how to do it consistently! They are overwhelmed by commitments and responsibilities and cannot imagine cramming in another thing... especially for themselves.

Sound familiar?  With a powerful combination of innovativeness and knowledge of wellness, interpersonal relationships, psychology, leadership, and self-development We SAGE Health and Wellness can help business leaders and individuals transform their lives, overcome obstacles, develop new capacities and turn good intentions into tangible results.

We SAGE Coaching Memberships

To reach the Holy Grail of Happiness, the SAGEs say, “We must know ourselves”. What does it mean know yourself? Taking the time to know all aspects of yourself, what is seen and unseen, honoring yourself, and the lessons learned along your evolutionary path. The journey to self-discovery is a conscious one. 

Our coaching memberships provide you with the ongoing support, accountability, guidance, encouragement, and empowerment that you need to grow and develop in all aspects of your life. You can choose the coaching frequency that works best for you.


Choose the membership package that best fits your needs, start your journey towards self-discovery and overall wellness today! 







The Visionary’s Personal Development Plan 

The Visionary’s Personal Development Membership is an affordable personal development membership for those who are looking for ways to invest in themselves but are not quite ready to dive into a 1:1 personal coaching relationship. This membership opportunity is a way to experience the benefits of a personal coach but work at your own pace. Pay a monthly fee and receive a monthly email of strategies, tools, exercises, and challenges around chosen monthly topics.



Truly Transform with Weekly Private Coaching

Imagine what you could achieve if you met with a personal coach every single week? Each week you will make visible progress toward your goals, working in partnership with your coach to overcome roadblocks along the way.

  • 4 x 45-minute Private Coaching Sessions Each Month

  • 4 x 15-minute Check in calls

  • 4 x Virtually Guided Meditations



Accelerate Your Growth With Monthly Private Coaching

Whether you are working toward a promotion, starting a business, or making a meaningful transition, our monthly coaching membership will provide you with the ongoing support, empowerment, and accountability that you need.

  • 1 x 45-minute Private Coaching Session Each Month

  • 2 x 15-minute Check-in sessions

  • 1 x Virtual Guided Meditation



Bi-Weekly: Double the Coaching with Double the Impact Private Plus

Sometimes one session each month simply is not enough! This membership includes bi-weekly private coaching sessions, to ensure you stay on track and do not lose momentum toward achieving your personal and/or professional goals.

  • 2 x 45-minute Private Coaching Sessions Each Month

  • 4 x 15-minute Check in Calls

  • 2 x Virtual Guided Meditations


We SAGE Coaching Packages

Support + Accountability + Guidance + Empowerment = 

Sustainable Change & Bold Living



Private Coaching

Trying out coaching for the first time or just need some extra support right now? Purchase a 3 pack and get the support you need to keep moving your life forward.


  • 3 x 60-minute Coaching Sessions 

  • Assessment interview

  • Short-term goal setting



6-Pack Private Coaching

A coaching 6-pack allows your coach to truly get to know you and support you in making real, tangible change in your life. This package is for your if you are preparing for a new challenge, getting ready for a new business venture, or gearing up for a life transition that may take place in the next few weeks. 

  • 6 x 60-minute Coaching Sessions 

  • Assessment interview

  • Mid-term goal setting




Private Coaching

With 12 sessions, you will receive the support, accountability, guidance, encouragement, and empowerment you need to make powerful changes and achieve serious goals! This is the perfect package if you are preparing for a life project that encompasses all your life goals-financially, personally, physically, and emotionally

  • 12 x 60-minute Coaching Sessions 

  • Assessment interview

  • Long-term goal setting


Referral Perks Program

As you progress in Coaching and are seeing great results, please share your Coaching successes with others and tell them about your Coach. Your referrals are greatly appreciated and depended upon to fill your Coach’s practice. A referral from you means much more to your Coach than someone who just stumbles on your Coach’s website. A referral from you lets your Coach know they are doing a great job and you would like those you care about to experience the same great results you are achieving. If you know a person who needs a Coach, simply let your Coach know you are referring them. Then, have them contact your Coach through the Contact page on the We SAGE Health and Wellness website to begin the process. Once the new client has successfully signed a Coaching Agreement you will receive a 10% discount. Additionally, written client success stories are always welcome and can be given directly to your Coach or submitted via the website as well.

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