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Approach to Therapy

A Letter from Dr. Griffin

We SAGE Mental Health and Wellness, approach to therapy is an integrative approach to wellness focusing on the whole person; Mind, Body, and Spirit. Transparency is significant in the therapeutic relationship, no one is perfect.  I understand from personal experience that anyone can encounter ups and downs in life; however, you do not have to suffer in silence.  I draw from personal experiences and life lessons to connect to my clients and to show them that they are not alone on the journey towards a well and healthy life. To overcome adversity in life I was empowered to become a warrior who fights daily to achieve the wellness I deserve.  At We SAGE Mental Health and Wellness the goal is to help others who are experiencing life issues find their inner warrior to create lasting change and healing. 


We SAGE Mental Health and Wellness works with a very diverse group of individuals.  They all, however, have one thing in common-they are open to the idea of receiving outside help for self-improvement and solutions to their unique situations.  These individuals seek assistance from We SAGE Mental Health and Wellness because they are ready to start their journey towards healing. They believe, on some level, in the healing power of therapy and are hopeful that We SAGE is a solution to emotional wellness.


The therapeutic relationship is a partnership that requires an internal commitment and willingness to do the work in order for success to occur. Throughout the therapeutic process clients are asked to work past their comfort zone and be willing to accept new possibilities on the journey towards healing. It is like working out, in the beginning, it is uncomfortable; however, the more you do it, the better you feel.  Results require work.  Work leads to a more confident, stronger, and bolder life. 


Through support, acceptance and guidance from We SAGE clients will learn how to create a new way of life that will inspire the best version of themselves.  We SAGE Mental Health and Wellness will help you learn to transcend beyond current beliefs and create a life filled with endless possibilities.  Working as your SAGE-guide, we will help you navigate the murky waters called life to gain truth, clarity, courage, serenity, and wisdom towards enlightenment.  You have within you what it takes to be well, are you ready to tap into your WARRIOR self!

Dr. Terra Griffin,


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