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Warrior University

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To Know is to Grow


Welcome to i-SAGE Health & Wellness: WARRIOR UNIVERSITY


i-SAGE Health & Wellness: WARRIOR UNIVERSITY is the online learning platform component of We SAGE Health and Wellness designed to share informative and valuable information that is empowering and helps to improve quality of life.


WARRIOR UNIVERSITY was created specifically with you in mind.  In between sessions, once you have your completed therapy regime or just because, if you are seeking a booster, WARRIOR UNIVERSITY is your solution.  WARRIOR UNIVERSITY serves as your online teacher, mentor, and advisor through independent study.


WARRIOR UNIVERSITY was also designed to help members tap into their WARRIOR SELF.  What exactly is the WARRIOR SELF? The Warrior is well known as a masculine archetype; however, women can also possess the characteristics of a warrior.  These characteristics include possession of courage, confidence, determination and discipline because in the midst of the worst possible circumstance the WARRIOR remains calm and rational.


When everything seems murky and unclear, WARRIOR UNIVERSITY is here to help you tap into a strength you did not know you possessed.  At WARRIOR UNIVERSITY you will learn how to set and achieve life goals, overcome obstacles, and persist during difficult times. Through Support, Acceptance, Guidance, and Enlightenment members find meaning to life.


Are you ready to tap into your WARRIOR SELF, to make your dreams a reality, and ultimately achieve a higher plane of existence?


Join Us!


Try Warrior University out for FREE. Warrior University provides you with the right tools to get a head start on your personal development.


This offer has been designed to give you a HUGE jump-start to your Personal Development, Self-Care, Goal-Setting and Planning for the year!


Wondering where to start?


  1. The simplest way is to join my other subscribers by signing up today to get free and practical tips on how to increase such aspects as peace, happiness, self-esteem, mental clarity.  By signing up today you will get the following free courses for a limited time: The Power of Mindfulness and Mental Listening Space.


2.     Want to learn more and make in-depth life changes sign up for one of the premium courses.

 The premium products that go much deeper into the topics explored in the Free tips.


In the premium courses you get concise, in-depth written guides, instant downloadable audio guides, and workbooks to help you apply what you learn into you own life as well as other helpful tools that will help you to make changes that stick for life. More information about premium courses will be coming soon.

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