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Individual Therapy

Life can be challenging, but individual therapy can assist you in clarifying your concerns by assessing your strengths, the effectiveness of previously attempted solutions, and generating new possibilities to reach your deepest desires. Some specific issues that are addressed in individual therapy are: anxiety, life adjustments, depression, stress management, work/career issues, grief, goal setting, anger management, and success planning.

Group Therapy

We are relational people and many individuals benefit from the opportunity to connect within a group, while working through personal issues. Group Therapy is offered throughout the year and information about each available group (therapeutic and supportive) is soon to come. Group therapy typically consists of 6-12 individuals that meet weekly with a trained facilitator for approximately 6-12 weeks to address topic specific issues such as: Women’s Circle-Women’s Issues, Relaxation Group, Anger Management, Substance Abuse, and others.


Family Therapy

We SAGE Mental Health and Wellness utilizes a family systems approach to create skills and resources needed to help families exist together in harmony by learning how to: reduce family conflict, improve child school performance, prevent or intervene in alcohol or other drug use, stop arguments and violence and build cohesion within the home. Services include: marriage/couples therapy, divorce adjustment, pre-marital counsel, divorce adjustment, building cohesion and work with children, adolescents and teens.

Couples Therapy

The cyclical nature of conflict in relationships make it necessary for couples to be intentional about the wellness of their relationship. We work with couples to find their strengths, resolve conflict, and establish a strong, gracious foundation together. Couples may decide that it is also necessary to receive individual therapy. 

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Consultation Services

We SAGE Mental Health and Wellness consults with organizations that wish to optimize their services by addressing the mental health and wellness concerns within their organization.

Life Coaching for Individuals

Coaching is the art of interacting with a person creatively in a way that energizes them to achieve extraordinary results. Coaching is a partnership with clients to identify important goals and priorities, strategize about how to reach them, and overcome obstacles or barriers one may encounter along the way.

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Supervision Associate Licensed Counselors

We provide supervision for counselors towards their LPC.

e-Therapy: Online, Phone, Text/Message

We SAGE Mental Health and Wellness provides convenient, effective and affordable mind-body-spirit integrative services that will prepare you for a healthier and happier life. As a result, we offer client’s treatment outside of the office and in the comfort of their home.  This provides clients who are faced with barriers (struggling with stigma, unable or unwilling to come to an office) increased access to therapeutic services.  Research shows that eTherapy is as effective as face to face therapy, convenient, affordable, easily accessible, confidential, supportive, flexible and more immediate than face to face services.

The Maintenance Phase: Therapy is Complete, what is next?

We SAGE Mental Health and Wellness clinicians are available and present to you while you are in therapy. We create relationships with our clients that last longer than simply making symptoms go away. Our goal is to help you navigate toward reaching your best life. Once your work is complete, we want to remain a resource to you during your maintenance phase. Explore our resource page or join our online learning platform Warrior University for access to information related to your specific needs. Once you have completed your therapy regime, if you are seeking a booster, Warrior University is your solution.

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