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Stay Well, Be Empowered, Live Boldly and Fully!!

Welcome to We SAGE Mental Health and Wellness.  We SAGE Mental Health and Wellness provides support, acceptance, and guidance towards your enlightenment. At We SAGE Health and Wellness, we understand that everyone's journey is different and the path to healing is uniquely yours. We utilize the therapeutic relationship, the most valuable treatment tool and change agent, along with evidenced based treatment practices (Eastern and Western philosophies) to prepare our clients to live their best authentic life.


We SAGE Mental Health and Wellness provides counseling and life coaching services to the Greater Birmingham, Jefferson and Shelby County areas. We also provide e-therapy services for the states of Alabama and Georgia.  We offer a complete range of specialized expertise and services to provide you the individualized treatment experience you require to:

-Reconnect with yourself and loved ones

-Regain the confidence that comes from recognizing choices and making conscious    decisions

-Living your life as the person you envision yourself to be


We SAGE Mental Health and Wellness provides a variety of treatment services to adolescents, adults, families, and couples including:

-Individual, family, and couples therapy

-Alcohol/Drug abuse counseling

-Group therapy

-Prevention services, Educational and Special Programs

-Medication Management (coming soon)


Let We SAGE journey with you to meet your personal goals, experience emotional wellness, and reach your fullest potential.  Call We SAGE today!

"Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities, the gates of the soul are open."

B.K.S. Iyenger

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Purple Buds

KP, Patient

I am so thankful I found Dr. Terra. She has incredible insight, perspective, humor, & expertise. She has the right balance to know when I need a listening ear versus when I need someone to tell me like it is. I also love that she is accessible through tele-health, & does evening appointments. With my busy 8-5 work schedule, this makes therapy available to me on a regular basis. I always say that when I finish a session with her, I feel 15lbs light without  doing any cardio.

RH, Patient

On February 6, 2022, I celebrated my one year anniversary in therapy with the anointed Dr. Terra Griffin  who is an astute compassionate Mental Health Therapist. 

Before meeting Dr. Terra, I sought God for guidance on who to partner with to help me confront and deal with several traumatic childhood experiences that were keeping me stagnant in life, career, business, ministry and my personal relationships. 


After meeting Dr. Terra, I knew she was the answer to my prayers. Over the last year, I have met with Dr. Terra and we have dealt with an array of emotions such as rejection, self-esteem, doubt and fear that were buried deep within and kept me from authentically showing up in my life, in relationships, my career, business and ministry. 


Dr. Terra guided me through a series of exercises which led me in getting to the root cause of those emotions I was experiencing when others weren't there. Additionally, she posed questions which helped me to create my life's mission statements as well as form healthy boundaries.


In closing, I have acquired healthy coping strategies which I consistently utilize when I feel the spirit of overwhelm; I close my eyes and go to my happy place.


Dr. Terra and her calming therapeutic voice has aided in my healing. My weekly therapy sessions are built into my healthcare budget.

EW, Patient

Didn’t know how to start it ❤️

Dr. Griffin has changed my life tremendously. When I first began at We Sage Health and Wellness, I was full of hurt, anger, sadness, and brokenness. Each day, I felt like I was going in circles doing the same thing repeatedly, adding more hurt. 

God sent Dr. Griffin, who gave me the tools to face the sadness, discuss the anger, fix the brokenness, and focus on me and what makes me happy. She listened and encouraged me to step out on dreams I had buried. I am on the road to being “Better not Bitter,” Reconciling Myself to a healthy new me.

Thanks, Dr. Griffin,  We Sage Health and Wellness!

JC, Patient

I finally have a minute to myself to think and show gratitude for my process.. my honest review so far with Dr.Terra, I am a woman who has forever pride myself on being conscious about who I am and where I wanted to go in life but as a human-being that has had past trauma, fears, moments of bad judgment and lack of motivation I decided to reach out to someone and just release all of that and begin my healing journey. With Dr. Terra I’m able to be vulnerable I am able to brainstorm and have absolute raw truths and full engagement.. we’ve just begun my journey but I can tell my spirit is moving towards the renewal I’m hoping for. I look forward to our session because I can feel the difference in my thinking process. 


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